Today, you are given the unique chance to take part in mammoth rebirth. The North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in partnership with Korean research center SOOAM invites you to join scientific project «Mammoth Rebirth».

The "Mammoth Rebirth" fundraising campaign

Your donation will help:

  • NEFU to move

    NEFU to move

    on the way of exctincted species rebirth

  • To establish

    To establish

    international scholarship for young scientists in memory of Yakut paleontologist, founder of the NEFU collection Dr. Petr Lazarev

  • Develop in NEFU

    Develop in NEFU

    more fundamental studies as research of regeneration and ageing mechanisms, applying different stems to cure cancer diseases

  • "I fully support the establishment of scholarship in the name of Petr Lazarev. NEFU justly becoming the basic center for quartinary fauna research and paleogeography in Russia. Certainly, this scholarship will attract young and talented people for paleogeographical and palentological studies".
    Alexey Tikhonov
    - deputy director of the Zoological museum RAS, academic secretary of the Mammoth Committee RAS
  • «The Federal University of Yakutia has carried out remarkable work these past years in various scientific fields with a special mention in paleontology. The new research campaign aimed at exploring a possible mammoth cloning is of course a step forward that needs to be undertaken with the view of a long-term and stable financing. International fund raising is of primary importance not only to ensure financial sustainability but also to facilitate a high level exposure of this breakthrough research».
    Peter Lindholm
    - The World Bank, expert
  • «It is a historical monument to get fresh blood of mammoth in Siberia. Paleontological research is important in giving information on the past as well as in envisaging the future of human life. I hope Korean scientists, including Dr. Hwang Woo-Suk, may make contribution in this research with Sakha scientists».
    Kang Ducksoo
    - The Sakha-Korean Association, president, Hankuk University, Professor
  • "The endowment is establishing for paleontological research promotion in the north-east of Russia, development of international cooperation between scientists and young researchers. The scholarship is aimed to motivate students and postgraduates all over the world".
    Semen Grigoriev
    - head of the laboratory
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